About us

We understand that you want your customers to enjoy their regular drink of tea or coffee out of a stylish, elegant disposable cup.

Now the process of delivering that experience to the people who matter most to you is a much smoother one.

Kish Co Ltd is managed by Mohammad Nilforoushan, an experienced and knowledgeable operator with more than 30 years’ international experience in a variety of industries.

Now he has turned his expertise in importing to the logistics of supplying large volumes of paper and plastic cups to wholesalers and food service companies in the UK.

Our cups are manufactured in the Far East and delivered to the UK by container ship. What makes us different is that, instead of sending your items via an importer at this point in their journey, we ensure they are delivered directly to you.

This cuts down on the amount of time your cups spend in a warehouse and means they can be delivered more quickly – and at a highly competitive price.

Contact us today to learn how the knowledge and expertise of Kish Co Ltd can help your business.

About us